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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Boomhauer?

Boomhauer is an acquired condition caused, in part, by excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages. Boomhauer has not been studied, but it is thought to affect millions of people worldwide. Boomhauer results in difficulties interacting with non-Boomhauers, memory problems, delayed reaction skills, and a heightened sense of fun and invincibleness.

2) Is Boomhauer contagious?

Again, very little research has been conducted on Boomhauer. While not highly contagious, it does appear to be infectious.

3) Are Boomhauers dangerous?

Although some Boomhauers may be dangerous, many are not. Boomhauers do have a predisposition towards anger and depression, but this is caused by the intolerance of others.

4) How do I become a Boomhauer?

We do not fully understand what underlies the transformation to full Boomhaurer nor do we advocate for the flagrant adoption of Boomhauer without thoughtful consideration of the consequences. However, we do promote the study of the Boomhauer lifestyle and language. Visit the events section of this web site to find out about Boomhaurer events happening near you.

You can also undertake classes at the Boomhauer Language Learning Institute and by following the Boomhauer chronicles.

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